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COVID Remembrance Parade and Candle light Vigil – October 1, 2023

The COVID 19 Parade and Candle Light Vigil, branded as a remembrance parade in honor of those affected by the pandemic, shall be held on October 1, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario and thereafter every first Sunday of every October. It's planned to be one of the finest and most diverse parades in North America, with its long route stretching from Christie Pits to Queen Street and ending at Legislative Assembly on 111 Wellesley Street West. As we march down Bloor Street West and University Avenue, our hearts are heavy - because while it's important that we remember everyone lost due to this devastating event, it's also important that we work towards preventing any future disasters like this. We shall walk in solidarity with Front liners and police officers providing security along the city center, observing this solemn occasion with pride and reverence.


Where can I watch the parade. ?  If I can’t physically take Part.

The COVID 19 parade and Candlelight 2023 Day Parade will be broadcast live on Television channels depending on channel packages. Additionally, viewers can stream through YouTube. Enjoy this special event from the comfort of your own home- with the family!

The “I remember Covid-19” products Catalogue for sale to enable us support the campaign programs; You can chose from 6 different colors; Red, Black, white, Garden Green, Mint, Green and Blue

Time 13:30 to 18:00

The proposed Candlelight Vigil Venue Queens park 110 Wellesley street west October 1st Sunday 2023

18:00 to 19:00

First International Post COVID Conference – Toronto, Canada June 5-7, 2024

Resource scarcity has caused serious geographical and environmental crises that can have a profound effect on social cohesion and equity. The most recent example is the coronavirus pandemic, which has put immense strain on communities around the globe. Understanding how these events shape societies is paramount to preventing such disasters in the future.

Climate Youth Action: Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, Pacific and European Union September 11-13, 2024

Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, Pacific and European Union (September 11-13, 2024) Venue: Metro convention center Toronto Canada

Expected numbers of delegates: 5000

This conference on Climate Change is dedicated to promoting youth participation focused on equipping young people with digital education, training and providing Climate Action incentives, engaging in public participation, carbon remuneration opportunities and forging international cooperation.

This is sure to set us on the path of finding solutions for global warming! Young people need to be energized, empowered, and encouraged to make a real difference in our fight against climate change. We owe it to the next generation to provide them with the resources they need for success - and it is us the most fortunate to provide that spark. By investing in the leaders of the future today we can ensure a sustainable tomorrow.

Young people in developing countries are being left out of international climate change conferences due to a lack of information and financial support. That needs to change, because by the time they become leaders of tomorrow, it may be too late! We need to empower them to take action now and ensure that their voices are heard more loudly. Delegates have been calling for youth participation in global efforts towards sustainable development goals and the Paris Climate Change Agreement, but this is only the beginning. To make these conferences truly successful, we need greater inclusion of young delegates across both developed and developing countries so they can have a real voice--which will help restore their hope in this process.

The youth, vibrant communities and fair social systems strengthen societies from within. That promotes social cohesion in times of crisis but they spark development when the grounds are leveled.

The Climate youth Conference 2024

Theme: Society, Environment and Economy

Venue: Metro Convention Center, Toronto Canada

Expected number of delegates :5000

This conference focuses on the three dimensions of sustainability (society, environment and economy) and how they interrelate. How to involve the youth in building a culture of sustainability and demonstrate the value of impactful investments backed by science and technology.

This conference seeks to highlight new advancements in carbon-offset projects, with an eye toward obtaining a share of the billions available in carbon credits. Through shared dialogue and engagement between north and south nations, this is expected to result in increased funding for the Youth led initiatives.

This multi-million dollar voluntary carbon offset project will provide substantial new green jobs and revenue while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. The project’s measures will affect globally renowned ecosystems, parks, forests, farm lands and other natural resources.

It’s often said that hope is the last thing we lose, and these Inspiring stories remind the youth why it’s so important to work together and find solutions to counter catastrophic Climate Change. Our youth can be more hopeful if we focus our resources towards carbon markets and trading. Let’s take this chance to make a real, lasting difference in the world.

More than 700 youths and young adults gathered at the United Nations on September 21 in New York City for the first-ever U.N. Youth Climate Summit. (Courtesy of the UN)